#SaveTwitter Trends, site is shutting down in 2017?

Twitter can be home to a lot of things — cesspools, rumour, a consistently smug Piers Morgan and more cat GIFs than you know what to do with.

But is the fun all set to end next year?

Rumours are flying around the social media site claiming it will be shut down in 2017, though nobody quite knows how or why it all started.

But if you think those tame obstacles are enough to stop the hashtag #SaveTwitter from blowing up with more than 100k tweets, you’ve got another thing coming.

There were several stages to the news, with many among the reckless speculators suggesting that the platform will be ended due to bullying concerns. But Twitter is not shutting down in early 2017 because of cyber bullying, even though tens of thousands of people seem to think it is.

Rumours are spreading on the site itself that its abuse problem has become so strong that it will be turned off next year.

The rumours appear to have their beginning in two truths: that Twitter has been having trouble and as a result is the subject of regular speculation about whether it will be taken over or sold; and yes, the social network has been in the news quite a bit recently regarding its struggles to control abusive comments on the platform – most notably the torrent of racist abuse Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones received last month – but the site isn’t shutting down regardless of this issue.
Neither of those facts indicate that the site is going to actually shut down, in 2017 or any other time.

Still, that hasn’t prevented many from continuing to spread the message that Twitter will soon cease to exist. Many people used the trend to lend their support and give positive reviews of the site. That was a marked difference from much of the discussion around Twitter in recent months, which have focused on the site’s declining users and its problems with issues like abuse.




It isn’t entirely clear where the hoax began. But since it started, hundreds of tweets are being sent every few minutes about it.


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