Lenovo at IFA 2016 : Bendable smartphone and a new Moto 360

IFA 2016 is coming up next month and Lenovo has posted a teaser video on YouTube in which it hints at all that it will unveil at the event in Berlin. As per the video Lenovo, and Motorola, will be showcasing a bunch of new products including new Moto Mods, tablets and “devices that blur the lines of creativity and productivity.”

Lenovo certainly has quite interesting things to show off this year at IFA.

The launch of new Moto Mods is a sign that the company is serious about its Moto Z lineup. The Moto Z and Moto Z Force were launched with three Moto Mods and additional Mods will definitely be welcomed by fans of the device. It is not yet known which Mods will be showcased, but it is possible that one might be the camera Mod that was leaked by Evan Blass back in May.

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Another interesting thing seen in the video is a device with a bendable screen, similar to the one it showed at the Lenovo Tech World. Lenovo also promises a “whole new type of intuitive keyboard.” Judging by the video, the new keyboard may offer a flat, touchscreen interface. The company may also unveil the third generation Moto 360 smart watch. While not much is known of the device, it is possible that the company might choose to stick with the ‘flat tire’ display that was used on the first two generations of the Moto 360.

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