WhatsApp now lets you share and forward a message to multiple chats (with frequent chats on top)

Whatsapp is one of the biggest smartphone apps and probably the most widely used messenger app on Android. There have been many messenger apps some better and more feature rich but Whatsapp captured the ‘messenger’ part of its job description much better than many such said messenger apps. Kind of like how Google came out on top by being simple and search focused.

Facebook, Whatsapp’s parent company and a social media giant, is pouring a lot of its money and resources  into making Whatsapp even better by putting in as many features as they can without hindering the user experience.

In the latest beta of WhatsApp, 2.16.230, the developers have introduced multi-message sending and a ‘frequent chats’ module.


The multi-messaging is much needed feature and one no longer has to send a message to one chat, then go back and do it again to send to another, and so on. Sharing your awesome Android homescreen or your new rare Pokemon is now easier I guess. “When you’re composing a message that you want to send out to multiple discrete contacts and/or group chats, you can long-tap the first recipient to unlock a multi-selection mode. Tap all the intended recipients, then give the arrow button a press to fly your message out to the world.” reports Android Authority

The frequent chats sits right above your recent chats and has been around a couple of beta versions ago but its not that big of a feature in itself. It’s just there. So its a good thing. But as Android Authority points out, a similar feature was introduced in Facebook’s messenger app creating a very efficient way for the company to show ads and in a very prominent position. So could this mean this is how Facebook monetizes Whatsapp? That’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Whatsapp developers have been working on a lot of new exciting updates one of them being GIF support, video calls which are surprisingly yet not on Whatsapp and image annotating which again is surprising, but its good to know that they are working on it.

You can download v2.16.230 of Whatsapp from APK Mirror or join the Play Store beta and grab it there. Do let us know your opinions especially on the monetization of Whatsapp. Do you think its alright if Facebook tries to earn from its 19 billion dollar acquisition?

Image Source : Android Police


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