How to tell if someone is tracking your email?

With the commencement of the digital age, emails and instant messages have outshined other physical forms of communications to become the main mode of keeping in touch with family, friends and business.

While email services are utilised by billions of users around the globe, the present scenario of security has raised several questions on these forms of communications.

According to a new report on Gizmodo, several messages that you receive regularly may come along with an embedded code, designed to inform the senders when and where you open the mails.

The report suggested that the trick is used by many marketing firms to fathom if you’re actually paying attention to the mails. However, you can spot these kinds of tricks by using a browser extension that only works with Google’s Chrome browser.

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The Ugly Email Chrome Extension help users spot eye-symbols, which represent some kind of tracking software, embedded within them. You can either chose to delete these mails or open them to check why the companies want to find out about you.


Another similar but better extension is the PixelBlock but it requires you to open the mails to see information. However, this extension provides more details such as number of tracking attempts made and the source of the tracking widget as well.


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