The best recent Android Games you should check out

The summer months are usually a hot time for new games. Last month was no exception. We saw a bunch of awesome new games launch. If you were busy laying in the sun you probably missed a few. We have a list of the best games to launch in the last 30 days. Download a few of these to pass the time when the AC goes out.


Play Reigns for 30 seconds and you will fall in love with it. In this new Android title from Devolver Digital, you act as a king who must carefully balance his kingdom’s army, treasury, religion, and population to reign for as many years as possible. These four “resources” are manipulated via conversations with peasants, knights, witches, members of the church and many other characters. The outcomes of which, in Reigns as in life, are never completely clear.

In each conversation, you must make an important decision by swiping the character card to the left or to the right. If this ever results in the depletion of one of the four reserves – which dangle permanently at the top of the screen – you die and must begin again as the next heir to the throne.

Strategy games have long since employed resource management as a gameplay focus but it’s rare to see it delivered with such attention to narrative. And delivered so successfully. While the politics of a monarchy are, obviously, far deeper and more complex than swiping across a smartphone display, the simplicity provides a delicious simulation of power; I can wave my hand, or point the finger, to destroy people. In a bizarre way, Reigns has made me feel more like a real king than any video game ever has.


PRICE $2.99
ANDROID REQUIREMENT Android 3.0 and above


Mobius Final Fantasy

Square Enix’s mobile titles don’t have to be awful or cash-ins of twenty-year-old products, and free-to-play action title Mobius Final Fantasy is here to prove it. This is one of the only times I’ve seen something that looks like a console game on a smartphone in portrait format – and it’s instantly impressive. The character models, animations and environments are superior to the vast majority of Android titles.

Mobius Final Fantasy focuses on turn-based battles and card collecting. It’s not ‘open world’, you deviate from the set path, instead you journey from point to point along the map while doing battle, gaining new skills and leveling up. It’s an episodic title and the first few chapters won’t last very long, but Square Enix has a dedicated Facebook page which details the upcoming rollout schedule.

I am wary of this new approach to content delivery but it’s a title worth checking out just for the spectacle. And I’m glad to see Square Enix making attempts to bring original Final Fantasy titles to mobile, not more ports.


SIZE 39 MB (plus ~400 MB more after install)
ANDROID REQUIREMENT Android 2.3 and above


Her Story

The award-winning Her Story is now on Android, a year after its initial PC release. Her Story has you search through a database of police interviews to try and explore the mystery of a fictional murder from 1994. I say explore rather than solve because Her Story doesn’t really require any Sherlock-level powers of deduction or puzzle-solving: you simply enter search terms into the database and any video featuring those words will appear for you to watch.

This means, hypothetically, that you could stumble upon the last video in the story on your first search. But what’s fascinating is how little that matters: despite its non-linearity, Her Story still works and delivers a thriller full of twists and turns to keep you coming back.

I should warn you that there is very little ‘gameplay’ (ugh) in Her Story; there is no ‘winning’. Like one disappointed Play Store reviewer said, “All I could do was watch videos.” And yet it’s categorically one of the most memorable gaming experiences I’ve had in recent years and one which I highly recommend (even if entering search terms isn’t quite as nice on a phone as it is on a physical keyboard).


PRICE $2.99 (Discounted launch offer)
ANDROID REQUIREMENT Android 4.4 and above



Battleplans combines slick cell-shaded graphics with a tried-and-true strategy formula. It’s is a free-to-play fantasy strategy game where you wage war, purchase troops and upgrades, wait for those troops or upgrades to be built – or pay for them to be built sooner with premium currency – wage war again, upgrade your town. Rinse, repeat, have fun.

It offers a bit more depth than other games in the genre. There is a time-limit element which adds a slight twist: you’re not only against the clock to win battles, but to win battles well. And the way you can move troops at timed intervals, for the most effective maneuvers, gives the gameplay an additional layer.

It’s clearly been designed off the back of mobile successes like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, eschewing most of the same tropes. It’s not a revolutionary strategy game, but it’s competent and functional. If you’re still hungry for more of these types of free-to-play titles, don’t hesitate to try it.


ANDROID REQUIREMENT Android 4.4 and above


At last, it’ probably no use mentioning Pokemon Go since you literally have to be a cave dweller to have not heard about it if you’re here. But then again, cave dwellers don’t browse internet so. Yeah Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game in history and you’re probably already loving or hating it but since its such a phenomenal hit, its worth mentioning.

Have you played any of these games? Do any of these interest you? Do you know any other games you feel should’ve been included? Let me know!



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