Twitter Night Mode Could Be Coming To iOS Soon

In yet another move to boost its user base, micro-blogging website Twitter may now bring the “night mode” for iPhone users, a media report said.

Last month Twitter rolled out a new feature for its Android app which introduced Night Mode. In case you’re unfamiliar, Night Mode on Twitter basically transforms the user interface from a white UI to a darker UI, thus making it easier on the eyes when viewed at night. We figured Twitter would eventually bring this feature to iOS, and sure enough it looks like it is in the works.

twitter-night-mode-ios-360x640As noted by The Verge, the latest beta for Twitter for iOS has included the option, but like we said, this is in the beta build of Twitter meaning that unless you are taking part in the app’s beta, you probably won’t be able to see it or use it for yourself.

For the most part and from what we can tell, it looks and functions pretty much the same way as its Android counterpart, meaning that all it will do is switch the brighter UI to a darker one. However as  The Verge points out, there are some differences, such as how there is currently no option for users to automatically enable the feature, meaning that if you want Night Mode to enable at a certain time of the day, the feature isn’t there for now.


However given that this is the beta version of the app, that can be forgiven as Twitter could very well include it in future beta builds. There is no release date for the updated Twitter yet, but given that it is in beta, hopefully it will be pushed out in the next major update.

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    1. There are tons of twitter clients that people use instead of the official app. Why do you think twitter bothered to make the app if it was content with users using third party clients?


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