Google Now app gains new ‘Dashboard’ feature

With the arrival of digital personal assistant Google Now, the Mountain View-based company seems to be working on further improving the service for mobile devices, as the application may be getting a new feature sometime soon — the Dashboard.

According to the latest reports, it was said that a new Dashboard button on Google Now can be found on the lower portion of the app, along with the Home button. The Dashboard app is said to contain personally curated information for the user.

At this time, not much is known as to what this new Dashboard tab does, but according to Android Police, the new button on the application could “constitute reminders, events on the calendar, to-do lists in Keep, emails to reply to, photos from Assistant in Google Photos, and a lot more.”

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All these information are collected across all other Google applications in the device such as most frequented locations and current location via the Maps app, the most visited and preferred sites through data found on Google Chrome, and perhaps even musical preferences through the Google Play Music app.


A leaked photo provides the first look at the Dashboard button and it shows the scheduled activities of the user, as well as an estimation of travel time based on the current location of the user to the location of the upcoming activity.


Since development on the new feature is still in the early stages, it is said that the Dashboard button currently only works on a Nexus launcher. This restriction could only be for the meantime, as it could also find its way to more devices once the new Android Nougat 7.0 operating system gets a full public release, or perhaps the new feature would be an exclusive feature that would only be available for the upcoming Google Nexus 2016 smartphones, which have been rumored to be in development by HTC.

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