Google to launch Google branded smartphones in India and other markets

India is fond of Android, to put it mildly, for whatever reasons, and Google wishes to hold onto the fondness.
After the release of Pixel C tablet last year, Google is all set to launch smartphones of its own brand. The company is planning to release the mobiles early next month in selected markets, which includes India. These smartphones are said to be likely available in hands for public later this September. It is said that two devices to be launched under ‘Google’ brand discontinuing its earlier Nexus line.

According to sources, search engine giant will reveal two devices runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. One will have a 5.5-inch screen size while the other sport a 5 inch. Leaked information from India states the smartphones will comes out in two variants of internal storage, 32GB and 128GB. However, the specifications are yet to be confirmed. A buzz is that these two devices may be rebranded HTC Nexus devices, which are claimed to arrive shortly. And it is also unclear that what other markets receive “Google” rather than “Nexus.”

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Google is focusing on capitalization of its branding rather than preferring Nexus brand. The storage capacities and sizes matched the specifications of earlier leaked Nexus smartphones, Marlin and Sailfish. These smartphones may not carry Nexus moniker. Though HTC manufactured them, Google may launch the devices under its own brand.

It is reported that Google is attempting to take iPhone head-on, and is making its trail to position these devices as premium smartphones which offer an excellent experience overall. A new mechanism is expected to include in this smartphone which supports transferring data from the iPhone. This new feature makes the onboard process for new users a little bit easier. Market strategists say that Samsung high-end mobile sales might get affected with the launch of these devices.

The source who saw the two smartphones confirmed that the phones ran the forthcoming version of Android, and noted the new launcher minus the Google search box. Further, Gadgets 360 understands that the all-new Google Assistant will be one of the headline software features of the new phones.

While Google has partnered with the likes of HTC, LG, and more recently Huawei, among others, to launch smartphones under the Nexus umbrella, these smartphones will be the first time Google will release phones with its own name as a consumer-facing brand in the mobiles segment. Google released the Pixel C tablet last September, and a year later the search giant is set to enter the smartphone segment in a similar fashion.

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