LG V20 alleged release date and price get leaked online

The upcoming LG V20 has recently made headlines following an alleged leak that was posted on Reddit. According to the reports, the leaked details revealed the new smartphone’s pricing information and launch plans including its availability, promotions and pre-order schedule. There are speculations saying that the handset may arrive on T-Mobile in the United States as the leaked information was shared on the company’s subReddit.

A Redditor that is connected to the company shared the leaked details to T-Mobile subReddit, which could indicate the arrival of the handset in the U.S.

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Redditor, Jordanpeterson234512, claims that he was also the one who leaked the important details about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s arrival on the same mobile carrier.

“Hey guys, I leaked a few weeks back the Note 7 bonuses on here, forgot my temp login but I got some new stuff for you guys,” Jordanpeterson234512 said on his Reddit post. “No final release date as of yet, but more than likely September 23rd considering it is still the temp date.”

The post also suggested that the upcoming LG V20 will come with multiple bonuses. Bonus 1 will include “Extra battery and Enhanced Hand Grip.” Bonus 2 includes a Memory Module Attachment, while Bonus 3 will give users one year subscription of Hulu streaming and 3 Vudu movie rentals.

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Jordanpeterson234512 ended his post by saying: “As usual, will be here for an hour or so for any questions. I have not seen the phone at all, this is just documentation.”

According to Techno Buffalo, the device will come out with a $650 price tag and preorders will start on Sept. 14. Some people may find the leaked information legit; however, it is important to take these details as rumors and speculations until LG decides to confirm them.

As of the moment, the company has maintained its silence with regard to the rumored release of its new smartphone.

Source : REDDIT

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