The Best Android Apps

Searching for the best Android apps is daunting. Whether you need a great weather app or a new browser, there are always dozens available. The crème de la crème. The apps that most people will swear that they cannot live without. These apps have become ubiquitous with Android and if you’re looking for good stuff it’s assumed that you have this stuff already.

So in case you are looking for the best app for a certain set of tasks, this is a series where we cover such apps to help you find what you need and be assured that there is nothing better than what you are using right now. Feel free to share.

1. Best file manager

In light of the turn ES File Explorer has taken, I’ve tested out a few alternatives in search of a replacement.

google-play-install-enThe app I’ve settled on is Solid Explorer. It’s feature-rich and highly accessible thanks to a crisp Material Design UI. It also houses a very handy double-panel display that lets you navigate to two separate folders and drag a file across from one to the other. Integration with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, as well as FTP servers, make it a formidable all-in-one solution for managing your files.

Some of its other features include hidden folders, ZIP and RAR archive extraction, and customization through icons, color schemes and themes.

The app is free to try out for two weeks, and then you have the option to pay $2, so you’ve nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing what you think.

2. Best launcher app


Launchers offer a simple way to customize the look and feel of your Android phone. They often combine new icons, a new app drawer layout, a new homescreen and new wallpaper to make your device fit a certain style or theme.

google-play-install-enYou have to try them out to appreciate how fun they can be and the one I recommend right now is Action Launcher 3. This is an excellent introduction to launchers because it provides clear and intuitive interface changes without adding so many that it becomes off-putting.  I have written in detail why currently Action Launcher is indeed the best Android Launcher.

With Action Launcher 3 you can perform simple tweaks such as changing the app drawer layout, changing app icons, and even altering the way you use your homescreen folders. It offers genuinely useful interface improvements and it’s free; download it from the link below.  There’s a more in depth introduction of my love for Action Launcher here.

However, one cannot just say ‘best android launcher’ and not mention Nova Launcher. Its every bit the best launcher for many many more users than Action Launcher is.

3. Best video app for Android


The default video player on your Android phone will probably ‘do the job’ and play most standard video formats without much fuss. But if you’re playing niche formats or enjoy tinkering with the video settings to get the perfect picture, then you’ll need to branch out.

google-play-install-enMy choice for video playback is something so popular it surprises me how its not a default app. Possibly the best thing about the MX Video Player is that if app doesn’t recognize the the codec of the video you are trying to play, it will give you a link directly to where you can download the correct codec. From there it’s a painfully simple two clicks and MX Video Player has downloaded and saved a new codec for your Android device. Whenever we flummoxed it with a codec that wasn’t installed, we were able to download and instal the new codecs via the app in roughly 30-seconds. A very impressive feature!

4. Best Cloud Management

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular these days and with so many services providing only a limited amount of cloud space which sometimes isn’t enough, many of us happen to be using more than just a Google Drive or Dropbox.

google-play-install-enAnd if you’re that kind of person, managing all your cloud data and storage space must be a frustrating job with so many accounts and switching between apps or browser tabs however you prefer. Don’t you wish there was an app that could just help you manage everything at once? oh, but there IS an app for that and they call it Unclouded.

Unclouded is basically a very neat and awesome looking file explorer except it focuses on the clouds. It supports all the major cloud storage services and keeps a record of all your services as if they were just another drive attached to your phone, except they’re actually not.

You can see how much of space you have used and have left, see which files or folders are using most of your storage, know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc), search for files, and all that stuff a normal file explorer does and you can manage it all right from this very app. No more multiple cloud storage apps hogging your ram and system memory, this is all you need. Unclouded was also included in this list of apps you probably need.

5. Best Offline app

When you don’t have a Wi-Fi or data connection it’s too late to download one. I’ve got google-play-install-enthe best of the best of offline apps for Android for your offline enjoyment. One of the very best offline Android apps of all is Pocket, and offline reader app that saves text and images for reading later on. No more bookmarking, link sharing or copy pasting when you’ve Pocket in your pocket.

6. Best Privacy App


google-play-install-enOver all, AppLock is still, just one of the many apps that do similarly and there are also some that work just as flawlessly. But AppLock seems more fluid and while it’s not actually, it does feel lighter on resources than the apps that can compare with it feature by feature. This and it’s stock android like design are what I’d say are the main draw to AppLock and these are the reasons it has made it to our list of the Best Android Apps. Check out a detailed review here.

Do you have suggestions? Any apps you might think is better than the ones mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. This app is good ,but LEO Privacy is much better with many cool features. It is a very useful app lock to me. It provides me app lock so that I can secure my personal details from others. It provides hiding pictures option so that I can hide my pics/videos.


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