This canadian claims his Nexus 6P exploded

We have heard of phones exploding before, iPhone, Mi 5, Mi4i, Mi4C and even the Mi band 2 had issues, but we reckon this could be the first instance in which a Nexus 6P handset has been reported to have exploded. It’s not something you want to hear, but according to a redditor posting this morning on the /r/android subreddit, he awoke this morning to find his Nexus 6P in the process of ‘exploding’.

In a post on Reddit, the man going by the handle yamz66 claims that his Nexus 6P exploded in the middle of the night while it was charging.

According to him, “It was around 3AM and I woke up to a loud pop and was immediately in a thick cloud of smoke, sparks, and a bright red glow coming from my phone on my night stand, the same place it had been since the day I purchased it Nov 1, 2015. I was using the official Google USB-C cable and charger. It is now completely fried, the screen is popped up and the insides are charred, the Ringke Fusion case I had on it is melted, as is the Popsocket I had on the back of it.”

We have previously reported that Your Nexus 6P & Nexus 5X Charger could be Defective, Dangerous & Unsafe.

It is unclear as to how this happened as an investigation has yet to be done. However in the past we have heard about issues regarding USB-C cables and how some of them aren’t fully compliant with the standard which could prove to be rather dangerous, but this is just speculation as it could really be anything.

The Redditor also claims that he has since gotten in touch with Google Canada who will be sending him an RMA replacement unit and will be escalating the case. Thankfully apart from the scare, it seems that there were no injuries sustained.

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