Report : Sony phones crash the least, Motorola Updates fastest

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know which Android manufacturers have the best track record when it comes to things like crashes, update speed, and so on?

A new report was released by Apteligent yesterday, which compares device makers in a number of different ways, and then pools that data to find the best Android manufacturer out there.

According to the report, rather unsurprisingly, Motorola is the fastest Android manufacturer to push out updated to Android. However, under Lenovo’s guidance, it seems as though that my be slipping and could soon change.

Of course that’s ignoring the Nexus devices, because reporting that Nexus devices get the latest updates fastest is like reporting water is wet after a lot of research. Most recently, Samsung has been pushing updates faster and faster, and actually overtook Motorola at the end of June, at least in the United States. In India, Motorola far and away updates its phones first. Those rankings do exclude Nexus devices, which are obviously updated faster than any other device.


Surprisingly enough, Sony devices have the lowest crash rate, with Motorola devices coming in second — in other words, devices from both companies should run fairly smoothly.


The report also looked at device fragmentation in different countries, finding that Russia had the highest device fragmentation in the world. What that means is that there are a whopping 230 devices used by 90 percent of the Russian Android user population, with the most used device surprisingly enough being the Asus Zenfone 2. Ukraine comes second in device fragmentation, the Czech Republic third, and China fourth.

So which phone should you get? According to Apteligent’s recommendations, the upcoming Nexus devices should provide the best user experience, but otherwise Motorola phones represent a great alternative. The report also concluded by saying that Google is trying to mitigate things like Android fragmentation in part by pushing apps and services to the Google Play store rather than bundling them with Android.

What Android are you looking for?

Based on device stability and speed of updates, Apteligent recommends that those in the market for a new Android smartphone this year consider the next HTC Nexus device to get access to Android 7.0 first, or Motorola’s Z and Z Force devices if you want a good balance of stability and device updates.

Of course, Apteligent’s data here isn’t taking into consideration other factors that drive smartphone sales – the number of features available on the phone, the speed of its processor and amount of memory offered, the look and feel of the device, etc.

Worldwide marketshare of the Android smartphone market is currently dominated by Samsung, which shipped 23.2 per cent of smartphones in Q1 of 2016. That’s more than Apple, shipping 14.8 per cent, and Huawei in third at 8.3 per cent. HTC, Motorola (now owned by Lenovo), and Sony would all be shared the remaining 44.8 per cent of the market left after the top five.

You can read the full report for yourself here.

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