Google Now has arrived on Google Chrome

Google Now is one of those revolutionary Google experiments that we can call successful. It intended to be helpful and it is without a doubt helpful if you use it. Google is now working to bring the smarts of Google Now into Chrome, and if you wish to check it out before everyone else, all you need to do is head over to the Google playstore and install Chrome Dev





Google has a habit of experimenting with the chrome new tab page, in an effort to make it better. Now, Google is playing around with the idea of a Google now powered New Tab and since all these experimental features arrive first on the developer version of chrome, Chrome Dev is where you can get this feature as of now. You might need to toggle a flag, but it seems to be live for everyone. It also works a little bit in Chrome Beta, but not at all in stable.

Even without installing a developer build, you could see the “Articles for you” but typing in Chrome://flags and trying to switch “Show content snippets on the New Tab Page” to enabled. That worked for me in the beta and regular versions on Android. There are also alternate modes listed in the flag, including some that show content based only on most visited sites or using non-personalized data. The standard version should be backed by Google Now, though I’m not seeing a lot of variation in the different modes right now.

In the rare case that you find it annoying, which you shouldn’t considering the perfect placement of the suggestions at the bottom, you can just disable it using the flags. There’s no indication when Google may make it the default for everyone — just a hint towards a future where your phone knows what you want without needing to be asked.

What do you think of this new feature? Excited for it?


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