[Download] Google Now v6.3 APK teardown reveals possible new features from Google Assistant

With Duo launching this past week we were wondering if Allo would show itself. According to Android Police, the app is, in fact, being tested, the messaging component at least, with some sexually aggressive and rather weird stickers and of course, one of Allo’s interesting features is the inclusion of Google Assistant. Android Police tear down of the Google App v6.3 beta gives us an insight on what’s in store. 

The tear down in itself didn’t reveal anything too earth shattering but android police reports a not-so-new translate option hidden in the overflow menu on the now on tap screen. Tapping it redraws the text on the screen into your language of choice.

In earlier builds, the feature only worked if there were multiple languages on the screen and users were presented with a card in Now on tap but with this update the translate feature was replaced into the overflow menu from where it can be activated anytime.

The tear down  has also shown that the Google Assistant will likely only support two languages when it launches (many believe it’ll come with Android 7.0 Nougat). It appears that it’ll support English and Deutsche at launch. Which is a pretty limited number of languages, but it is likely that more will be coming in the near future. There are also a few more settings located inside the settings section of the app for controlling the Google Assistant and Google Home (Google Home is the Amazon Echo competitor that the company announced at Google I/O and should be coming to stores this Fall).

It is possible that at launch, Google Assistant might be restricted to only the U.S. and a few other countries in Europe. Other regions and languages may be added prior to launch or in future updates after the launch as was the case with Google Now language support.

There are two new toggles which are basically creepiness overload emergency buttons. In case the efficiency of Google creeps you out you can turn Google Assistant on or off entirely or turn off its ability to read the content on your screen.

User-defined actions similar to the ones sen before in IFTTT or Microsoft’s Flow also showed their face in the update here. Allowing users to create their own triggers within the app. Likely for use with the Google Assistant and Google Home. The strings found in the code aren’t that helpful in determining how these would be used, but it would appear that you should be able to create your own commands and tell the Google Assistant what you want it to reply with. It also appears that there are a few new icons in the app for Google Home hardware. There’s an icon for a “general device” and then another for the Nest Thermostat. So it looks like the Nest Thermostat will get its own icon, while other hardware won’t.

That’s about sums it up for whatever interesting was found in the app in this tear down. If you haven’t gotten the update to version 6.3, you can download it from the link. Of course, what’s interesting is subjective, so be sure to check on the full very detailed tear down by Android Police.



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