Google Allo has Weird, but Still Wonderful Sticker Packs

In an early look at the beta version of Google Allo by Android Police, there are quite some good revelations coming out. While it has been discovered that Allo will come with the ability to delete individual messages from a conversation, unlike Hangouts which only allows deleting the entire conversation, there are also an interesting collection of stickers.

The use of animated characters has grown along with the growth of messaging apps. Many IMs today come with a collection of inbuilt stickers and apparently, Google Allo has its own packs that look extremely weird, but you’ll definitely enjoy using them.

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Have you ever thought of sending your pal a sticker of a bull squeezing his nipples or even a condom? Well, this is your day as the upcoming Google Allo has about everything you can ever want. You will come across the likes of Cool Beans and Julio the Bull, just to name but a few stickers, all of which can be used to spice up conversations. These are nothing close to the list of emojis found in Google Hangouts.

 ap_resize (1).png

These leaked screenshots indicate that Google Allo might feature some ‘controversial’ stickers. The screenshots feature images of stickers, which are sexually suggestive in nature. Google’s latest app will come with three pre-installed sticker packs and more can be installed later. Based on the information obtained from the reports, there are 24 sticker packs available.


The most controversial of these sticker packs is that featuring ‘Julio the Bull’. This sticker packs describes Julio as a “suave seducer” and “hotheaded fitness addict. However, there are images which might not be suitable for younger audiences. In one of them he’s wearing a red robe, and asking ‘Whos your Daddy’. There are stickers where he is wiggling his butt, and there’s yet another one where he squeezes his nipples.


Since Google Allo is still in the testing stages, these sticker packs are only available on the unfinished version. With this in mind, changes can take place before the official version is released. But it would be unique to have such kind of weird stickers on Allo. It is also possible that some of these stickers may be dropped along the way.

Google will be hoping that Allo takes off at least in the same manner as Google Duo did when it was released a few days ago. Apparently, the app is already ahead of Pokémon Go when it comes to the number of downloads in the Google Play Store and it is only bettered by the veteran Facebook Messenger, which is also its closest rival in the video calling business.

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