Microsoft PowerShell Is Open Source, Available On Linux And Mac OS X

In recent years, we’ve seen Microsoft take steps to embrace the open source movement, and it seems that this effort is set to continue. The company has now announced plans to make its Powershell framework for task automation and scripting open source.

Microsoft has made alpha builds of PowerShell available for Mac and Linux systems via the framework’s new GitHub page. The version for Linux is compatible with the Ubuntu, Centos, and Redhat variants of the operating system, according to a report from MacWorld.


The news that PowerShell was going open source broke on Thursday, but this development comes as a result of Microsoft’s efforts to expand beyond the PC spanning a matter of years. First, the .NET platform had to be ported to Linux, which laid groundwork that has now facilitated a port of PowerShell.

For those who don’t know, PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language for task automation and easy administration of the Windows processes.


In the announcement post, Microsoft called this move inspired by the fact that customers liked the use of PowerShell for different purposes but they didn’t like the fact that it was limited to only Windows ecosystem.

“This is a new Microsoft. Satya’s leadership and Azure have shifted us to a more open, customer-centric mindset.”

— Microsoft’s Jeffrey Snover writes.

Thanks to its Microsoft Operations Management Suite, PowerShell can be used to manage applications and workloads on any platform like Azure, Google’s Cloud Platform, and AWS.

Alpha versions of the open source PowerShell are available for CentOS, OS X, Ubuntu, and, of course, Windows. Microsoft has also promised to bring the scripting language to additional platforms.

Why has Microsoft brought PowerShell to Linux and Mac OS X?

The answer is simple really. Microsoft is focusing on the services aspect of its business, and as such, the company wants everyone to gain access to these services and they should not be hampered by the operating system they are using.

This is why we see such a huge support for iOS and Android from the software giant, and several partnerships with Linux-based companies.

Gone are the days when everyone needed Windows to perform all the important tasks. Linux, despite its tiny market share, is big in the enterprise, and as such, Microsoft can no longer ignore it.

PowerShell supporting Linux is not the first move from Microsoft to create a different view of Linux, and it certainly won’t be the last.

For more information, you can read Microsoft’s announcement post.


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