Innovative Android apps

Our phones have become a lot more than a device used only to make calls, it works as efficiently as a laptop or even a music player. Smartphones don’t obviously come along with all kinds of applications but there are so many applications you can download and make your phone twice as good as it was.

New kinds of applications are introduced every other day, some are very innovative while others fail to interest the customers. The kind of apps which click are the ones which help people in their day to day activities, the kinds which help people improve their lifestyles, making it easier if found on their phones. So to help you decide which ones to get, let’s have a look to find out what are the most innovative apps for android. The apps are in a chronological order as the post is updated every week with the latest additions on top.

10. Radon

We have been sharing stuff through bluetooth, NFC and even messenger apps such as Hike and Telegram, but with Radon, this is done in an genius way. The app is able to do this by making use of the Nearby API from Google. Allowing the quick-swapping of links to videos, websites or other content online. Nearby (API) uses a combination of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and near-ultrasonic audio to communicate a unique-in-time pairing code between devices

There’s almost no setup to get this working. Just open Radon and authorize it to use Nearby once. So, lets say you want to share this article with your friends, simply tap on the share icon on your browser and on the pop-up screen select “Beam with Radon” and that’s it. Only requirement is that the receiver must be close to you and have the Radon app open.

Radon has been covered in detail here.

9. Push2Droid

Push2Droid enables you to send links and other information from Chrome on your PC to your Android phone or tablet.
Sharing links is one of the basic features you can expect from an app like this but Push2Droid even lets you directly open Google Maps or the YouTube app on your android from Chrome, launch the dialer app with a phone number or just copy and paste text from webpages from chrome to your android phone. I’d recommend this app just because its so cool even if you may not use it later.

Push2Droid has a support forum on xda should you encounter any problems.



8. 2cloud

If you’ve got something loaded on your Android that you’d like to see in a full browser, you could email it, copy/paste the link, or just try and remember. Or use 2cloud to instantly open the link in Chrome.

2cloud is the inverse of the very cool Push2Droid and works in similar fashion. After installing the Android app (available at the site and in the Market), installing the Chrome extension, and authenticating both apps through your Google account, you’ll get one-button transmission powers between your two Google browsers. You can copy/paste a URL through 2cloud itself, but it’s easier to hit the “Share page” option on a web page and choose 2cloud as the vessel. The link automatically opens on your Selected Chrome browser as long as the browser is open. You can have all your laptops and PCs or Macs connected together and open links in new tabs with a tap (or a few taps) on your phone.

Pushbullet offers similar functionality but the links you share still have to opened by you manually, and then if link sharing is all you want, Pushbullet is not an ideal choice.



7. Hub Keyboard

While using a mobile phone or tablet for sharing information with somebody especially by email or text messaging, you may have to keep switching between apps. Doing so could be quite painful seldom and further wastes your valuable time.

With an aim to keep a user in an ongoing conversation by bringing in relevant information and aiding them in completing general tasks, Microsoft Garage Team came up with an app called, Hub Keyboard.

Think that you are reading about a certain topic on the internet. There is a sentence, which you like and want to copy or save it to your clipboard. Now what Hub Keyboard does is that whatever text you have copied, it will let you check it and further offers an option to insert/paste the same where ever you want. Microsoft has built a good Keyboard app, but it is not that powerful. Features are good, but most of them do not work unless you connect your device to the internet.



6. NotiBox

On android, you can tap on notifications to open the app that fired them, or swipe them to remove them from the list of notifications.

What you cannot do easily, at least not on the majority of Android devices, is to re-open notifications that you have closed. NotiBox is a free application for Android that backs up notifications you receive for you among other things.  You may want to check the app settings right away as you find useful preferences there. For one, you may enable the back up of system notifications there which can be useful as it keeps a record of updates. You may also change the back up period which is set to 1 week by default. The available periods are 1 month, 6 months and all.

You can also disable the widget that NotiBox displays on Android’s notification screen.

The widget displays two options that you may find useful. The first is to run a search which takes you to the NotiBox interface from where you can search all backed up notifications. The second allows you to turn on do not disturb mode which suppresses notifications for as long as it is enabled. While notifications are not shown to you by Android during the do not disturb period, you can rest assured as they are all backed up by the application which means that you can access them at a later point in time.

Majority of Android users may have no use for Notibox, but users who want access to a full backup of notifications received on their device might. Others may like the additional features that Notibox provides, like being able to share notifications or quickly adding events to the calendar.



5. PhotoMath


PhotoMath is the world’s smartest camera calculator. Just point the camera at a Math problem and the app will instantly display the answer, doing maths homework is easier than ever.



4. Clap to Find


Do you misplace your phone regularly at home or office? Do you waste a lot of time in finding it? If yes, Clap to Find is an app just for you. Find your phone inside a room, under a blanket, in your bag or a drawer with just a couple of claps.





Who knew journalists would be able to use censorship to their advantage? Blackbar, “a game of text” created a few years ago, takes those familiar black bars used to hide redacted text and turns them into a mystery you can solve.

Users are shown a block of text with certain words blacked out and have to guess the words before they can move on. For writers, the challenge might provide a way to rethink how certain language is used. Besides that, it’s just an addictive game about words and puzzles that’s fun to play.



2. Lock Me Out

Want to relish some device-free, distraction-free time? Download the Lock Me Out app which locks you out of your device for a specified time period. This is how it works – first you set a PIN which’ll unlock your device after the lockout period. Once locked, the app will change this PIN to some random number through the lockout period and change it back to original once the lockout period is over.

Note: You can still make emergency calls, use the camera and other lock screen widgets while you’re locked out.


1. Snapi

The process of taking a photo is simple. Not only that, but Snapi also works with your higher-resolution rear camera.

Once you’ve propped your phone, just raise an open hand, make a fist, then open the fist to initiate the countdown. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, the app walks you through it. Then just pose like you’ve never posed before and wait for the snap.



Did we miss out on your favorite app? Check out some innovative android app launchers here. Which app according to you is the most innovative and why – let us know in the comments section. Find more helpful apps here.

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