Superman spit curl photos aren’t from ‘Justice League’ and why does Superman have a spit curl anyways?

Last night a few sites ran the image of Henry Cavill as Superman with the classic curl. They all claimed it was from Justice League.


This is a major disservice to all fans, by posting an image without doing proper journalistic work, you’ve mislead them. The image came from Instagram user travelbyhart who used two hashtags. One being Batman v Superman and the other Justice League. Then I decided to dig a little bit and discovered that her husband played a Superman soldier in BvS, and ultimately that’s exactly where this image came from.

So, the next time you see a “Set Photo” from an Instagram user do two things. Think about it and look into to it. Why would WB let a huge spoiler like that leak? Sure we know that he’s coming back. But, would WB actually release an image of this or even let someone else post one? If you would have just scrolled down a little bit more maybe you could have found out that it was from BVS.

The post and even the account seems to have been pulled off of instagram as every link pointing to the instagram account results in this :

Screenshot from 2016-08-21 22-46-12.png

Everyone that claims this is the first time he rocked the iconic curl, you’d be correct. This is the first time and it was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’ve seen the curl in February on a poster and then in theaters during the big fight scene between Batman and Superman.


As to why there is this iconic curl in the first place, I have done extensive research into Superman’s hair. We learn from the October 1959 Superman comic book that his hair is indestructible and can neither be cut nor can it grow in Earth’s atmosphere. Only Superman’s X-ray laser vision is powerful enough to cut his own hair. Although this fact is somewhat refuted in Superman IV in which Lex Luthor snips a strand of Superman’s hair on display at a museum in order to create a Super-clone.

There may be many reasons why Superman has the curl. One person suggested that the curl was representative of action–that Superman was always springing into action to protect the innocent

One website suggested that Superman purposely wore a curl because Lois liked it that way and Superman is just another man trying to please a girl. Some people don’t know of a reason other than it is just a trademark. However, I speculate that the curl was really just to show how all around super he really was–that he could fly at supersonic speeds and keep his hair in place. Hair that stays in place–that truly is super!

Although the spit curl, as it is called, is closely associated with Superman, only 7 out of 10 superman characters actually wore a curl.


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