LG V20 teaser boasts of the phone’s audio capabilities

Most flagship phones turn away from incorporating a superior audio chip, because they believe that it’s the least of their concerns. Their primary concern would naturally revolve around a terrific display, impressive camera performance, optimized software and increased battery life. Delivering superior audio quality is something that most manufacturers overlook, but LG V20 could cater to the requirements of audiophiles by boasting this impressive feature. It will be the first smartphone to come with 32 bit Quad DACs when it arrives in September.


LG V20 is going to be announced during the 1st week of September, and one of its many expected accomplishments is that it’s going to be the first Android smartphone to come running with Nougat 7.0 ‘out of the box’. That might be impressive, but most flagship smartphones often negate their high-end devices from packing speakers that deliver stellar quality, most likely because they believe that our entire experience will revolve around plugging in our earphones. But LG would like us to believe it does not believe in that approach.

As far as the phone’s design and specs are concerned, you can click here to check out its leaked renders and specs. The accuracy of this leak can not be confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt, as per usual. If it is accurate, however, then the LG V20 won’t exactly resemble the LG V10 in terms of the design, infact, It will look more like an LG G5 with a second screen. It is supposed to support the modularity introduced by LG in the G5.

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