Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets its first OTA Update

The first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update is currently rolling out. Coinciding with the launch day of the highly anticipated 5.7-inch phablet is the release of a new firmware build. This means that those getting their hands on the Galaxy Note 7 today will most likely be welcomed with a treat — a software update — once they turn it on.

According to Sam Mobile, the first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update build is currently available for factory unlocked units bought in Canada. The new software, which weighs in 96 MB, is specifically compatible with Galaxy Note 7 in the country carrying the model number SM-N930W8. To check if you have the correct Note 7 model, navigate to the Samsung phone’s Settings menu and then tap About Device. The model number should be specified in the list together with other pertinent technical information about the phone. The Sam Mobile post also shared that the update “brings a handful of essential bug fixes, stability improvements and software enhancements” to the phablet.

Furthermore, those who are on Verizon Wireless should also get a new software version when they fire up the 2016 Samsung phablet for the first time. The update for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brings the firmware to the MMB29M.N930VVRS1APH1 version, the network’s support page noted.

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According to Android Authority’s report, the Verizon Galaxy Note 7 update carries the August security patch, which, as the publication explained, “sorts out three of the four Quadrooter vulnerabilities.” The fourth Quadrooter flaw is reportedly getting a fix once the September security update becomes available.


Aside from the security patch, Verizon’s support page also noted that the software update available for their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 variant was tested to optimize device performance as well as to fix known issues.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update is available through the Over-The-Air (OTA) process. For those planning to have it, Verizon’s support page said that a strong WiFi connection or a reliable network connection is necessary to download and install the software file efficiently. The Galaxy Note 7 firmware update will not push through if the battery is not fully charged.

A push notification should appear automatically once the Note 7 update becomes available. Upon receiving it, users can simply follow the on-screen prompts to commence downloading and installing the software. To manually verify if any firmware update is available for the device, head to the Settings menu, go to About Device, select Software Updates, and then tap Check for Software Updates. The system will then search for any new firmware available.


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