Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Injustice Edition may feature 6GB RAM

Several months ago, Samsung announced a special version of the Galaxy S7 Edgein the form of the Injustice Edition. Basically this was the same Galaxy S7 Edge handset, except that it sported a Batman theme. As it turns out, it looks like Samsung will be giving the Galaxy Note 7 the same treatment as well.




According to leaked photos, it shows the Galaxy Note 7 sporting the same Batman Injustice theme as the Galaxy S7 Edge that we saw a few months ago. Apart from it being on a bigger phone, the theme looks pretty much the same as the one we saw back then, so really nothing has changed, or if there are any changes or new features, they weren’t revealed in the photos.

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However there is some speculation that with this particular model, we could be looking at the 6GB/128GB version of the Galaxy Note 7 that is supposedly only for the Chinese market, but if you wanted the 6GB RAM model, perhaps the Injustice edition could be the only way of getting your hands on it.

There is no word on when the handset will be officially announced, but last we checked, Samsung will be hosting an event on the 26th of August so perhaps more details about the Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition will be revealed then.

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