Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Always on display updated with a new feature

Samsung first toyed with the notion of an Always On display earlier this year with the S7 and S7 edge. It was an exciting feature but critics were quick to comment on its usefulness as all it did was show time and calendar. With the Note 7, Samsung implemented notifications into it, which is what we’ve all complained with the S7’s always on display. And why not, it only makes sense. Now Samsung has pushed an  update on the Note 7 adding another feature.


Placed just below the clock and above the menu of most-used apps, it’s a subtle, useful feature for music lovers. A small space to showcase song info of a track playing through the native music app. Though it’s only currently supportive of the Note 7’s default music app, third-party support means that services like Spotify can jump on this feature should they feel inclined.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge should be able to display it too as we don’t see any specific hardware requirement required that both the handsets lack but we’re yet to see if Samsung has this wishful update on their cards for the S7s.

But if history is any proof, we wouldn’t hold our breath. The always on display hasn’t made its way to any older Galaxy S series phones like the S6 and its variants even though they can very well have it too. Still, here’s hoping that somebody from xda will be able to port this new feature to the other phones.

As ever, do let us know what you make of the new feature by dropping a comment below.

Source : SamMobile


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