New LG V20 renders show phone to have dual cameras front and back

The LG V20 looks to be one of the most exciting Android phones still to come this year, and we’ve just got our clearest look yet at it, thanks to some detailed leaked renders.

The timeline of a device leak follows a predictable path. In the case of LG, it’s no secret that the V20 is coming: there have been invites to a launch event, a few early details about the sound quality and the fact it will run Android Nougat.

When it come to design though, we’re often at the mercy of either leaks, or casemanufacturers. Some device designers release details of their devices to accessory manufacturers so that the accessories can be designed and made, and, most likely, leaked through an online store.

It’s perhaps in the accessory manufacturers interest to leak such things, as it garners attention from the wider media, exposing the brand as enthusiast fish for details on new devices.

Earlier this month, we showed you some renders of the LG V20.The company’s already revealed a few key details, but today, some new renders of the device were leaked and like the previous images, they show a metal clad device with a dual camera setup on the back.

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The latest leak appears to come from a smartphone case maker (via PlayfulDroid), showing the LG V20 ensconced in a clear plastic protector. The back of the device features a complex camera array that includes two lenses, a dual-LED flash and a laser auto focus module. There’s also a fingerprint reader placed just below the cameras.

The LG V20 is expected to be a multimedia beast. We know that the audio will be enhanced by the 32-bit QUAD DAC chip and from LG’s partnership with B&O Play. We expect to see the LG V20 unveiled in San Francisco on September 6th.


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