Pokemon Go : Update adds appraisal system

While Pokemon GO is still enjoying tremendous popularity among mobile gamers, one of the most common complaints about Niantic Labs’ latest mobile game has been directed at the fact that it’s rather simple. Well, the San Francisco-based developer heard your complaints and has started the process of implementing more complex systems into Pokemon GO. The latest update, version 0.35.0 has begun rolling out on the Play Store yesterday and should be available worldwide by midnight.

On Monday, Pokémon Go developers announced a new update for iOS (1.5.0) and Android (0.35.0) players this week, which should make those missing IV calculation tools like PokeAdvisor a little less disgruntled.

In a post on Facebook , Niantic revealed an update was in the works and would begin rolling out to players late Monday evening. While not a ton of details were shared about what the update would contain, it did reveal the addition of an in-app IV calculator for appraising your little collection. Per the Facebook post , the new update implements a Pokémon Appraisal system.


What Is An IV Calculator? How Pokémon Go Appraisal Tool Will Change Gameplay

pokemon-go-update-35-apk-iphone-15-iv-calculator-pokemon-appraisal-update-tool-poke.jpgNiantic recently blacklisted third party Pokemon appraisal tools such as the popular PokeAdvisor, banning players who used it for cheating.

So what exactly will the new appraisal system do for players? Basically, it’ll take gameplay to a much deeper level. If you haven’t heard of IV or Individual Values before, it basically means that not all Pokémon are created equal. So, even if you and I both have a Dragonite, for example, and have trained him to the same level, our Pokémon still won’t necessarily be equal. There are small variations in an individual Pokémon’s stats that make each one unique.

Up until now, players have relied on tools made by other Pokémon Go enthusiasts online or have used third-party apps like the recently blacklisted PokeAdvisor. Pokémon Go’s creators, however, have frowned on the use of such tools – at least in the form of a third-party app – and have even permanently banned players from Pokémon Go if “cheating” was detected.

Adding an IV check feature for appraising Pokémon is definitely a smart move on the part of Niantic, if they want to keep their Pokémon Go audience engaged. The in-game tool will allow players of all kinds to deepen their strategic planning and maximize their Pokémon team’s potential.

The new update began rolling out on Monday evening. Check your device’s app store for updates. This may not seem like much if you’re a casual Pokemon GO player, but competitive individuals will definitely appreciate the fact that they can now strategize with their evolutions withing the game itself without having to constantly check other apps or websites.

Update 0.35.0 also brings some minor bug fixes to the game and—interestingly enough—its change log states that Niantic is still “working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future”. While this isn’t particularly big news by itself, developers usually keep change logs reserved for larger changes and bug fixes. So, the fact that Niantic took this opportunity to remind us more awesome stuff is coming soon means that more awesome stuff could be coming sooner than expected.


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