Nexus 5 gets Android 7.0 Nougat, if you dare

Nexus 5, its one of those devices that don’t only get popular, they stick around and has this nexus stuck around for long. It was perhaps the fan favorite Nexus until the 6p arrived. Nexus 5 has enjoyed a pretty amazing developer support so when Google confirmed it wouldn’t be getting an official update to Android Nougat, it was disappointing sure, but it was only a matter of days before anyone came up with a way to run the latest and greatest of Android on the Nexus 5.

And sure enough, within days of Nougat’s official release for the nexus 6P and 5X, XDA Developers have come up with a port from the AOSP  ROM. If you’re particularly brave, you can now run Nougat on the Nexus 5. There are, however, a few key caveats.

For instance, the camera kinda sorta works but it can’t save the snaps you take so, why work at all. And considering this has come out within a week of the official launch, we shouldn’t really expect everything to be buttery smooth.


You can install it now if you’re daring, but don’t expect it to be your primary driver. When the developers’ official changelog lists “many more” in the bugs list, one can only imagine the number of bugs you may encounter.

Its an alpha version as is clearly stated. But the Nexus 5 has a cult like following and there shouldn’t be anybody surprised when fully working Android Nougat ROMs arrive for the device in the coming months, quite possibly much before any of the OEMs update their officially supported flagships.

If you’re interested you will need to root your device ofcourse and install a TWRP recovery.

Check out the full details about how to install over here @XDA, By Santhosh M, Recognized Developer.

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