Opera servers breached : Saved passwords and user data may have been compromised

Opera users that have been using Opera’s cloud sync services may have just some reason to worry. Opera reports in its blog that the last week’s breach in its servers may have compromised the user’s saved passwords and other data.

Opera’s report on the incident is very light on information and they say, and we quote, “we detected signs of an attack where access was gained to the Opera sync system.”

Although Opera is uncertain if the data was stolen or not, it fears it may have been, they can’t surely say at this point. Their investigations are ongoing but the possibility is that the synced passwords kept on the server were taken along with usernames and account passwords is concerning.

Opera claims the attack was “quickly blocked” but they don’t state just how quickly.

The synced passwords to your online accounts such as Facebook or Twitter are stored on Opera’s servers in an encrypted form and hence stealing them is of no use to any hackers. Then why be concerned right? The cause for concern is that the account passwords youuse to login to Opera’s service could’ve been stolen too. Using that, it would be relatively easy to get all your passwords. Like the proprietary software maker that they are, Opera hasn’t given enough information about their security design to know just how easily a bad actor could decrypt the synced passwords.

Although, Opera did act quick and they say they have reset passwords for every opera account and have sent emails about it to all the users. You may have got one with your new password if you use Opera’s cloud sync.

It is advised still that you change passwords to the third party sites that you may have had synced through Opera just as a precaution, its entirely not necessary though.

You may obviously not like the new random passwords generated by Opera so you can change them using the password resetting page.

To make it clear, this only affects you if you use Opera’s cloud sync, which requires you to be signed into the opera browser with an opera account much like in Chrome or Firefox. Generally, companies boast about the huge number of users of their service but Opera decided to go another route considering the situation, claiming that, “The total active number of users of Opera sync in the last month is 1.7 million, less than 0.5% of the total Opera user base of 350 million people.”

The remaining Opera browser users who do not use Opera sync, do not need to take any actions.

Source : Opera


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