AppLock : Review

Many a times we come across a situation where a friend in need wants you to be a friend indeed and the way to do so sometimes is by lending your smartphone — with all your private data and secrets — and you find it hard to say no. This is where App locks come into picture.

With the latest versions of android you do get a multiple user accounts feature but in most cases it’s pretty useless. If you lend your friend a phone logged in with a guest account, it’s a phone with no Games or Mx Player or IMDB or whatever it is that your friend needs your phone for in the first place. Setting up another account with pre-determined apps is also not a solution because it renders your phone slow and less responsive.

An Applock is the perfect solution. And even better is an app that locks not only your apps but your private pictures and videos so your friends can fire up the gallery app and view those pictures from that certain trip but can’t view anything you don’t want them to.


The name says what the app does but it does more than just locking apps.



AppLock let you lock apps, pictures, videos, it has various nice looking themes and about everything that every other app lock these days offers. On the surface, there’s no stand out feature that will make you switch from your current app locker if you’re using one. Unless, like the many such apps I tested and have personally used, your app locker is making you insane by popping up every now and then even as you use an app that you’ve already unlocked.

Sometimes its comes up a bit late and its enough to let prying eyes have a peek at something before the lock comes up if it comes up at all. These are not problems with AppLock. It feature a simple material design that pleases the eye and the app itself looks beautiful and is very streamlined.

pjimage (1).jpg

The first time you open the app after installing,  you will be required to set an unlock pattern after which AppLock will send you to the settings app to turn on usage access.

That’s all there is, you can start locking your Quick settings such as turning Wifi, Bluetooth, Autosync on or off in case you have friends that are into those sorts of things. The app suggests you lock the Google Playstore and the Settings app the first thing on the list and its a very important step that many people forget. If you don’t lock these any person like me can easily get rid of the lock.

AppLock has a few very useful features in the settings that let you set a certain amount of time before an App is re-locked after being unlocked which is very effective when multitasking and switching between apps and very very annoying if you don’t use this feature.

Advanced Protection ensures no one can uninstall AppLock from your app drawer as long as it is enabled, not even you unless you go into settings, which should be locked, and uncheck the device administrator privileges. You can even hide Applock from your app drawer. How will you open it then you ask? Just dial the #password – a password that it makes you set – from your phone app.

Or you could display a force close message when someone tries opening a locked app so they wouldn’t ask you, why the app is locked. Fool them into thinking the app is just crashing. A random keyboard layout ensures you can unlock your apps without worrying that someone might see your password or pattern.

Over all, AppLock is still, just one of the many apps that do similarly and there are also some that work just as flawlessly. But AppLock seems more fluid and while it’s not actually, it does feel lighter on resources than the apps that can compare with it feature by feature. This and it’s stock android like design are what I’d say are the main draw to AppLock and these are the reasons it has made it to our list of the Best Android Apps where we list the best apps from each category. Check out some other lists as well :

There is one very big hole in this impressive feature list though which is fingerprint compatibility. With fingerprint enabled smartphones raining on the market, using patterns and PINs to unlock apps will seem annoying if you have a device with a fingerprint scanner. But on the official Google Playstore page the developers have promised to include this feature soon.

Have you used AppLock? Was your experience similar or worse? Do you use another app lock that you think is better? Do share the knowledge in the comments below.



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