Acer’s insane 21 inch gaming laptop is nothing short of stupid

Talk about bending the rules, Acer’s Predator 21 X promises more immersive gaming with its industry-first curved display.

It’s either go BIG or go home Acer figured out somehow and with this philosophy in mind, at IFA 2016, Acer announced its absolutely ginormous Predator 21 X gaming laptop. Not only is its 21-inch display ridiculous to even put into a “laptop” (your lap’s gonna get crushed with this thing on it) the screen is also curved — the world’s first on a laptop, according to Acer.

The Acer Predator 21 X is insane. A 21 inch screen on a laptop did not sound silly enough .. not to mention two (2) GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs and a built-in mechanical keyboard, it weighs around 8 kilograms, 17 pounds for the folks in US.

You don’t need to know what powers this beast to know it is powerful. Just look at it.

It looks like some sort of army grade equipment, or as Raymond Wong from Mashable bettter puts it, “Its angular Decepticon-like body should strike fear in any n00b.”

And sure enough it should. It requires two power supplies to run, and needs five system fans and eight  heatpipes to stay cool. It holds up to 64GB of memory and five storage drives at a time. So apart from crushing your lap, there’s also a rare chance it may burn it. It does look quite ready to shoot lasers out of somewhere.

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There’s a Tobii eye-tracking camera so you can aim at foes just by looking at them. It’d rather be easier to just list the internals than talk about them because I can’t think of a lot of words right now that don’t sound synonymous with unreal, f*** crazy, etc. And that’s not necessarily in a bad way I’m just excited. Not to buy it though no thank you.

  • 21-inch curved screen (2,560 x 1,080) with NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Tobii eye-tracking technology
  • 7th-gen Intel Core processors
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics in SLI
  • SoundPound 4.2+ (four speakers and two subwoofers)
  • 3-way audio and Dolby Audio
  • 5 system fans for cooling (3 are metal AeroBlade)
  • Full-sized mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX keys and number pad

The number pad even flips over to become a trackpad.The mechanical keyboard uses Cherry MX switches and has an RGB LED under each and every key…because who doesn’t like colors? Those keys remind me of a typewriter. I don’t know, just not used to those kind of keys anymore on a laptop. And some people are going crazy over 8GB RAM coming into smartphones. I don’t know why I feel like screaming THIS IS CRAZY!

Although, all these out of the world specs aside, Acer did not talk about the storage or battery life. Yes it can have 5 storage drives at a time but how much can it handle? Seeing these machine parts described above though it is safe to assume that the storage will be a lot, and i mean A LOT. As far as battery life goes its obviously going to suck because, all these gaming beasts such at battery. Everything improves but the battery tech is still a decade behind.

In short, it’s the most ridiculous gaming laptop at least I’ve ever heard of, much more powerful than many desktops and probably weighs as much. It likely costs a good deal more.


Did I say it weighs 8 kilograms? And you’d probably have to give away 8 kilograms of money as well in order to buy it.  Acer says it should be available for orders before the end of the year.

Source : The Verge


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