Samsung officially issues a worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 units amidst battery issues

Update : At a press conference in Seoul, Samsung has confirmed that it will recall around a million Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones that have been sold to consumers and shipped to retailers around the world. 50,000 Galaxy Note7 owners in Australia will join a massive recall conducted over potential battery fire risks. A widespread recall of the well-received Note 7 would deal a major blow to Samsung’s mobile business at a time when many view the company’s latest smartphone lineup as its best yet.

Original : If you own a new Galaxy Note 7, back up your photos and make sure your contacts are in the cloud. After a couple of high profile battery fires reported around the internet, sources have told Gizmodo that smartphone giant Samsung may take the almost unprecedented step of recalling every single Note 7 back from customers.

Samsung earlier this week halted Galaxy Note 7 shipments in South Korea, in spite of the phone’s massive preorder sales success. Samsung would not confirm its reasoning, but reports said that the recent battery explosions convinced the tech giant to suspend shipping to local telecom temporarily. And Now reports are circulating on the internet about Samsung considering recalling all the sold Note 7 units.

Despite some very strong early sales and considerable acclaim, the launch of the Note 7 seems to be going bad to worse for Samsung what with the freezing and crashing issues and the battery explosions.

As per the The Korea Herald, Samsung was initially going to replace batteries within the devices free of charge — no pun intended. As it continues to devise a contingency plan, the firm is now said to be considering full refunds or outright replacements as part of a recall, at least in South Korea. However, this shouldn’t affect the planned launches for China and Europe, markets that will receive the handset as expected.


Samsung concluded that the faulty batteries are to blame for the explosions. Samsung SDI is the group within Samsung that makes batteries for the Galaxy Note 7. That is, Samsung SDI produces the battery cell, but the battery pack production is outsourced to other firms. Korean ITM Semiconductor produces the battery pack for the Galaxy Note 7’s that are sold in Korea. ITM’s batteries seem to have been the ones that exploded. Meanwhile, most phones sold in China are going to have battery packs from Chinese company Amperex Technology.

Samsung’s share value has been rocky since the company announced shipping delays for new units, with more internal quality testing already underway. At the time of publishing, Bloomberg reports Samsung SDI shares have fallen 6 per cent on the news.

For consumers abroad, including the US and India, the company will offer new batteries only to the phones that used the defective batteries.

If the recall proceeds, it will be first time ever for a handset in South Korea.

A Samsung spokesman said “it was discussing the issue of Note 7 internally” and will make an announcement soon.



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