400 Material Design Wallpapers

Who doesn’t enjoy material design wallpapers? Google launched the material design philosophy with android 5.1 lollipop and it has been a huge hit among designers. Websites to android apps all have been adopting the material design and the internet is full of wallpapers based on the same design language. Below you’ll find several wallpapers that are from all over the internet and it’s a collection of only the wallpapers I have at some point liked but may or may not have used. I’ve been collecting these ever since android lollipop was just a developer version. If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s Windows you can take a look here.

 Download all 400 wallpapers from here. Checkout some icon packs as well to go with these wallpapers or try out only the free ones here. If you’re a fan of stock wallpapers from OEMs, you’re covered as well. You’ll need something like winrar to unpack the file if you’re on a desktop or something like Solid File Explorer.

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