Cyanogen Inc. brings Microsoft’s Cortana to India

Last year, Cyanogen added deeper Cortana integration to Cyanogen OS which was done as a part of a deal between team Cyanogen and Microsoft. The integration has been officially available in different parts of the world and now, Cyanogen has announced the official availability of Cortana integration in India.

Cortana is making it’s debut in the Indian smartphone market via OnePlus One which runs on Cyanogen OS (not to be confused by Cyanogenmod). It means if you are an Indian OnePlus One user running Cyanogen OS 13.1, you should expect an OTA update anytime which will provide you with deeper Cortana integration. This will allow you to use Cortana in a much better and efficient manner when compared to Android and iOS counterparts.

The aforementioned update to Cyanogen OS 13.1 enables the voice-activated assistant feature which behaves much like Google Now; Cyanogen says Cortana is deeply integrated into the OS, with a ‘Hey Cortana’ command waking her up. As with Now, saying things like ‘Hey Cortana, set an alarm’ or ‘Hey Cortana, turn my WiFi on’ will do those things without need of the touchscreen at all.


There’s also the camera mod, with a ‘Take a selfie’ ability which counts down to taking a hands-free picture, and a lockscreen mod which has voice search, again rivalling Google Now.


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