Microsoft bringing Night Mode and ‘People Bar’ to Windows 10 Redstone 2

It’s been known that Microsoft was already actively developing the next big update to Windows 10 right after it released the Anniversary update. This new update is codenamed as Redstone 2. The Insider previews have been out for weeks and the insiders have been testing them, so far nothing new in terms of features as most of the updates are under the hood.

W10_PeopleBar_Concept_crop.jpgBut according to Windows Central, two new features involving the taskbar and screen brightness are in the works. Their sources suggest, Microsoft is working on a new People Bar that will show faces of recent/active contacts on your taskbar, down next to the System Tray.

What’s being said is these circular people icons will integrate with services likeSkype, GroupMe, and even Microsoft Office, say you’re working with collaborators on a project? you can easily message them.

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This People bar feature though is nothing new, as far as development is concerned and has been in development even before Windows 10 was originally released in 2015. It’s however supposedly making an appearance in the Redstone 2 update, although Microsoft may find a different name for it by then.

Another feature that Microsoft is working on is a Night Mode of sorts called Blue Light.

The software giant yesterday released a new preview build of Windows 10, which contains references to a f.lux-like feature supposedly intended to limit exposure to blue light before bedtime and help you sleep better. Microsoft itself hasn’t made any announcements about this, but a Twitter user by the name of “Core” dug into build 14915 and spotted references to the so-called “BlueLightReduction” feature, as was first reported by WinBeta.

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F.lux has been the most popular option for Windows users (including me, currently using it as I type – what are the odds?) looking to reduce blue light in the evenings, but Microsoft’s own native toggle will bring this feature to every Windows 10 user. Apple has also integrated a similar feature in iOS 9, and Google’s latest Android Nougat also has such an implementation. Although Apple hasn’t announced any plans to bring blue light reduction to Mac OS yet. Microsoft only appears to be testing the feature right now, so there’s no guarantee it will ship in the update due early next year. If Microsoft does implement it fully then it will presumably be available on the mobile version of Windows 10, too.

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Since I don’t use Skype, GroupMe or even Microsoft Office People Bar doesn’t sound as exciting to me but it sure is a nice feature, Blue Light is a very welcome addition and I’d like both these features to make it to the final release, what about you?

Source : Windows Central

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