LG V20 leaked in a video and new renders add an interesting twist

LG is all set to release their first smartphone with Android Nougat out-of-the-box next Tuesday – The LG V20. So naturally, the amount of leaks and rumors heap up on the internet, a recent being a video which shows the V20 working just fine and in good order with a large display and big bezels. The video is about a minute long and the smartphone makes appearance just 2-3 times, so look closely.

The general shape and design lines up almost perfectly with the previously leaked renders of the V20, even though we can’t see the phone in its entirety. It seems like this video is going to be part of a promo campaign for the handset – we’ll know if that turns out to be true next week. The leaked photo depicts the supposed V20 at a bias to the camera, thus cropping out any idea of a Second Screen and depriving us light to show off a second front-facing camera — both features told to be carried over from the V10.



In another news, according to CNET Korea the LG V20 may not feature a modular design like the LG G5 and honestly that would be a good thing. Moto Mods are miles better. The LG V20 also will only feature a single camera in the front as opposed to previous rumours of a dual selfie camera set up.

We’ve had a few renders of the device before but if it will support modularity was an unanswered question until now. Multiple sources within LG confirm that the V20 would not be modular.

LG V20 will supposedly have a sliding back door set upkind of like the HTC Desire HD. The back, well, half of it can slide out from the left of the device thus opening it up. There you will find the battery, a SIM card slot, and a micro-SD card slot. According to one LG employee, LG is hoping that the design change will help boost its yield rate and subsequently its sales:

We employed a modular design with the G5 where you could detach the bottom part of the device, but it had a poor yield rate. However, with the V20, you simply remove the battery cover, so we won’t have any issues [regarding yield rates].

Below are some renders of the V20 created by CNET Korea and while the renders were made according to eye witnesses accounts, it would still be good to take it with the usual grain of salt because these are not official renders.


From the looks of it, it seems the bottom part is removable much like the G5 but CNET specifies that it is not. As to why it’s shown this way in these renders is anyone’s guess.

The LG G5’s modularity was met with much enthusiasm but by the time LG actually brought the product to market the hype was over and soon Lenovo introduced the Moto Z with a better implementation of the modular design. Needless to say the G5 didn’t sell all that well. Even those who did buy it were seen complaining about issues with the LG “friends” so it makes sense that LG would avoid its modular design with the V20.

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Like it’s predecessor, the LG V10, LG V20 will stand as a unique line focusing on multimedia. We already know it will be the first smartphone to feature 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC and Android 7.0 Nougat. and even the first smartphone to get Nougat’s new In Apps feature that allows users to search for keywords within their apps.

Are you disappointed by the lack of modularity in the LG V20? Are you relieved? Did you want a dual selfie camera? Let us know!

Source : CNET Korea

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