LG’s refrigerator sports a massive 29 inch, semi-transparent Windows 10 tablet/window

Samsung unveiled a smart fridge with a giant 1080p touchscreen attached to it earlier this year at CES. Not to be outdone, LG Electronics at the 2016 IFA trade show in Berlin is showing off a prototype refrigerator sporting a massive Windows 10 tablet on one of its front doors.

Samsung and LG are the two biggest companies in Korea and there’s no corporate rivalry as intense as Samsung and LG. Even with the american brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, they’re not trying to best the other all the time. Samsung and LG on the other hand remind of two very competitive kids. As engadget says, if LG were to release a 100-inch 4K TV, you can be damn sure Samsung will follow up with a 101-incher a few weeks later. And so it shouldn’t come as a surprise now that LG has arrived with a 29 inch tablet screen/window on a refrigerator after Samsung introduced it’s Smart Fridge with a 21.5 inch screen.

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Known officially as the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, the appliance features a 29-inch integrated tablet mounted portrait-style. The display can be used for the usual smart fridge tasks – showing recipes, watching cooking videos on YouTube, jotting down a shopping list and so on – but what’s really neat here is the fact that the display is semi-transparent.

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When you want to see what’s inside the fridge, you can simply activate the screen’s semi-transparent mode for a quick peek inside without having to open the door. You can even use overlays to create virtual post-it notes or compartments to keep food separated. For example, you could section off an area for gluten-free foods or if you have roommates, assign regions for each occupant.

As is the case with most smart appliances these days, this falls comfortably into the “need” category – a luxury or toy, really, as you can get a basic refrigerator for far less than what I assume this will cost (if it ever makes it to market).

Again, this is just a prototype at this point which means LG wasn’t able to comment on its (potential) price or release date. That said, given Samsung’s similar Family Hub fridge goes for around $4,000, LG’s model will likely come in at around the same price point.

Sources : Engadget, Verge

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