Google on October 4th will probably announce 4K chromecast, Pixel smartphones, Daydream VR and more

Google released Android 7.0 Nougat last month, but unlike in previous years, the company didn’t reveal any new hardware alongside that launch. We’ve known for a while that the company has been working on two new smartphones with HTC, and it looks like we may now know when they’ll make their official debut.


According to Android Police, Google is preparing for a major event on October 4, and it will be something of a hardware extravaganza. Google will announce two new Pixel smartphones and an updated 4K-capable Chromecast at a hardware-focused event on October 4th. The company will also use the event to show off its Daydream VR device, the publication claims, as well as to provide more details on Google Home, a small speaker that seems to be Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo.


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The venue or the time are still a mystery but according to Android Police’s reliable source  the new Chromecast will be called either the Chromecast Plus or the Chromecast Ultra with support for 4K/Ultra HD video, and Google’s Daydream VR platform will earn a suffix, the finalized version being called Daydream View.

October 4 looks set to be quite a big day for Google – and its rivals will no doubt be saving the date in their calendars to see just what it has in store.



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