Top Android stories last week 29/Aug- 05/Sep

Last week was an IFA week and amidst all the buzz and excitement from Berlin quite a few exciting things happened for the android world since many android OEMs take stage at IFA to showcase what they have coming in the future. Although, not everything exciting happened only at IFA, some of those happened in closed rooms perhaps behind a desk or something, and some haven’t yet happened but the leaks have us pumped.

Sony finally brought something to the table that has brought in a little interest in its devices like when Sony first launched the Z series. After the introduction of the X series many were starting to write Sony off and they have been for many years but Sony’s Xperia XZ at least is a step in the right direction. HTC’s A9s couldn’t disappoint anymore though. As I said before, consider it a sibling, another variant of the A9 rather than an “upgrade” as HTC says it is.

But this is not the place to complain or discuss, you can however start one if you please, I’d be glad.  We’re here to point you to these discussions and details. So here are the top 10 android stories from last week which just ended yesterday and still might be the current week for quite many of you.

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