How to customize the Android Navigation bar without root or Xposed

As per information provided by tipsters, Google seems to be working on a navigation bar customiser (or navbar customiser), which will enable you to apply certain tweaks to the current on-screen navigation buttons with Home, Back and Recent options. The feature is expected to be currently hidden inside the code of Android 7.0 Nougat. But if you’re tired of the regular Android navigation bar, do we have the app for you. Navbar Apps is designed to change the design of your navigation bar, and put the whole thing to good use.


Navbar Apps doesn’t let you add any extra buttons to the navigation bar, which is a shame, but the design of the thing can be changed in an instant. You can change it to a different solid colour, opt for a colour that alternates from app to app, or opt for an image. There are a bunch of images pre-loaded, and you can add your own if you upgrade to the premium version (£0.99).


The design is the brunt of it, but Navbar Apps is working on adding widget-type things to the bar. At the moment the only one available is a battery life status bar that takes up X amount of space, with the X correlating to the percentage of battery you currently have. Unfortunately you can only choose between light and dark, rather than customising the colour. I feel like red or green would be a good couple of options to have. There’s also a music control widget on the way, but it’s not currently usable.

One of the things that makes Android great is all the customisation options user have. There are always limits to that, and thankfully there apps like this to help out. Naturally it won’t work with certain devices (like Samsung devices that have physical buttons for navigation), and it’s pretty basic, but it does a good job. If you’re bored of what you have, or you just want some extra options, give this a go.




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