Here’s how you can get the best iPhone 7 feature on any iPhone (Not really)

Last night Apple launched it’s much awaited iPhone 7 with upgraded specs and a new two new colours. The iPhone 7 has some nice features that the previous generations did not have. Take a look at how the iPhone 7 stands against Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Galax Note 7, LG V20, and the nexus 6P

One of the most discussed points is the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack, which will force you to use either the bundled EarPods or connect your headphones via the Lightning-3.5mm adapter.

Apple wants its customers to be satisfied and they never miss a chance to let us know that’s what really matters to Apple. Keeping in line with their philosophy, Apple gives you the option to buy Airpods for $159 (₹15,400 in India).

Clearly Apple’s love and devotion towards its customers didn’t go down well with many. A company called ‘Nicer’ took a hilarious dig at Apple. Nicer, a design and development studio took the pains to come up with a product called ‘Apple Plug’, which will hide the ‘archaic’ 3.5mm audio jack on the older iPhones.


Apple parodies are not just hilarious but fit the standard of the US tech giant as well. For years now, people have come up with their own version of ‘Apple’ products. Some people have really done well by taking a dig at Apple. Well, when you can’t buy them, why not make fun of them? Some products that fan have come up with are not just funny but creative as well.

Hongkiat took the time to display some of the wackiest Apple parody products that you can check out. iWater has to be my favorite and I have used it several times in arguments.

According to a research, the iPhones have one of the worst signal receptions, and while Apple boasts it as a feature for making the iPhones thinner, here’s what Apple can actually sell it’s customers and make more money out of it ofcourse.


An iDish. Because no call drops should keep you from being closer to your loved ones.

Checkout Hongkiat’s list of the wackiest Apple parody products and tell us which ones are your favourites!


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