Samsung India offering free Gear VR and $50 Oculus store voucher after the Note 7 fiasco

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s biggest release this year with many calling it the iPhone rival but it didn’t exactly go down that well for Samsung. The Note 7 was plagued with software lag, hard reboots and what not. Then it started exploding all over the world and Samsung had to not only halt shipments but recall all the sold Galaxy Note 7 units.

Samsung offered $25 credits to US customers if they choose to stay with Samsung, and now, its offering free Gear VR and ₹3000 (~$50) Oculus store vouchers to the Indian customers who are waiting for their pre-ordered shiny Note.

Samsung stated that they acknowledge the issues with the device and are doing their best to deal with it and serve the customers the best they can.


It is good to see that the company is offering all this as the customers patiently wait for their pre-booked devices. While it should also be noted that it is the company’s fault as they should have checked for all the faulty devices thoroughly before making a final call on public release, it is also worth considering that out of every 42,000 units only 1 was faulty. Assuming that the stats about the magnitude of the problem are correct, Samsung could have tried to sweep the problem under the rug, or at least wait for a better time to come clean. And they would most probably have been successful. After all, there have been reports of several Xiaomi devices exploding like the Mi5, Mi4i, Mi Band 2, Mi4c but Xiaomi never took responsibility and came clean.

Its also worth noting that Samsung made the recall voluntarily and not under any pressure.

Regardless, for all the praise, it is fact that it was Samsung’s fault in the first place. So if you are one of those who have pre-ordered the Note 7, you’re in for a sweet gift for your patience.

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