Apple’s iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 7, LG V20 and the Nexus 6P

Apple Inc unveiled an iPhone 7 with high-resolution cameras and no headphone jack at its annual launch event Wednesday, though the biggest surprise was the debut of a three-decade-old Nintendo game franchise, Super Mario Bros, on the smartphone.  While shares of Apple barely budged, Nintendo’s U.S.-listed shares jumped 29 pct on investors’ hopes that Super Mario would be a mobile gaming hit for the Japanese company. In a different but related news,  Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple watch

Watching the event, it rather seemed interesting till the watch, but as soon as the iPhone came up it was like watching a boring movie you’ve already watched. All the details about the new phones had already leaked and much to Apple’s surprise, Apple’s twitter account added to that by posting details on twitter before Tim Cook had announced them. The tweets were deleted later obviously.

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So what were the biggest new features that should make iPhone users upgrade? Dual 12MP and 12MP wide angle cameras on the iPhone 7 plus, only a 12MP on the iPhone 7, new A10 fusion chips, 32GB base storage in the same price instead of 16GB, while the competition has moved to 64GB, water resistance and a pressure sensitive home button. The new iPhones now include stereo speakers which is good to see because when Apple does it, that’s when every Android manufacturer jumps on board.

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Stereo speakers should have been standard by now but for some reason, HTC went from stereo to single speakers, so did Motorola.

Apple was boasting how they hide the antenna in the body making it slimmer and thinner and things but as is the case with Apple, they only tell you what they want you to know. Apple’s iPhones have the worst signal reception.

The biggest change that people would want is perhaps the IP67 certification. It’s still not on par with the IP68 of the Samsung Galaxy S7 but it is still something. Hopefully now water resistance will become an industry standard.

Apple also removed the analog headphone jack from both new models, as was widely expected. The new headphones supplied by Apple with the phone will plug into the same port as the recharging cord, making it incompatible with most wired headphones without an adaptor. Apple includes the adapter. This at a time when LG is proving how the headphone jack is awesome.  The phones will also work with Apple’s new wireless headphones, called Air Pods, available in late October at a price of $159.

So how does the new iPhone stack up against it’s Android competition n terms of hardware?

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People complaining about Apple using 3 year old hardware shouldn’t have any complaints with the iPhone 7, if anything, it only trumps the competition in the hardware battle it seems.  Somehow Apple has convinced its fans that the retina display is enough and maybe they have never used a Quad HD display to know the difference. There’s nothing innovative here, nothing groundbreaking as was expected.

We’ll have to wait for the iPhone 8 to really see where Cupertino is headed on it’s “innovative” image. The “innovation” this year was beefing up the internals like Android manufacturers have been doing every year. They needed something to make the new iPhones desirable, because other than the more powerful processor, water resistance, and extra storage, there seems no reason why one would upgrade.

Will the iPhone 7 turn the tables around and lift up the declining iPhone sales? In USA maybe, in China, not at all. According to some statistics, every 1 in 3 smartphones sold, is sold in China. And as such, the continuously slipping Chinese market should be a big concern for Apple and the Chinese market wouldn’t be swayed away by Apple’s talk about how it “feels great” and gives you “great experiences”.

Colours and waterproofing are not really big functions, said Jin Di, an analyst at IDC.

“We just lowered our expectations (for the iPhone) and that is because Apple is not able to deliver a good customer experience, and they can’t offer the new transformative technologies in the smartphones.”

The software has already been out for months so iOS 10 doesn’t really pack any surprises.

What’s our take? Blogs will be written, articles will be printed, all hailing Apple as the one true king in the seven smartphone Kingdoms (actually, nobody buys smartphones in Antarctica) but the reality is, iPhone 7 is not exciting unless you’re an Apple fan because then anything is exciting as long as Apple says it is. I know, I am a Sony fan, I like buying into their bullsh*t from time to time too.

The twitterati was quick to make fun of the Airpods, and that’s not all. Check out this hilarious dig on the “upgrade” to iPhone 7

What is your take on the iPhone 7? Do you think Apple will make a comeback from the plunging sales? Will you consider getting the iPhone 7 or plus over the LG V20 or the Note 7 whenever it comes back to the market?

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