How to mirror your Android screen on your Windows 10 PC without any third party app

Screen mirroring (sometimes called screen casting) allows you to mirror your mobile device’s content to a secondary display which could be a laptop, PC, your TV or any other screen. You will need to open the connection for screen mirroring on both your smartphone/tablet and your PC/TV in order for the connection to work successfully.

Why mirror your screen? There are plenty of reasons. You might be a developer in the middle of coding and want to check your app without having to constantly reach for your phone. You might want to share your pictures on a big screen without uploading them. Or you might need to give a presentation quickly while the projector is connected to a PC.

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There is a dedicated Screen Mirroring feature on some Samsung and Sony smartphones and tablets but Google has added Screen cast support in the latest versions of Android as well. Here’s how you can cast your Android smartphone’s screen to a compatible Windows 10 PC.

Note : Screen mirroring uses WiFi so make sure both your PC and Smartphone/Tablet are connected to WiFi.

1. Open Settings on your Windows 10 PC


 2. Go to System and scroll down to ‘Projecting to this PC’


3. Select Available everywhere


If your PC does not support mirroring DRM content you will see a message like in the screenshot above saying the device may have some trouble displaying content, the screen mirror should work regardless although you can’t watch Videos and such.

4. On your android, go to ‘cast’ by pulling down the quick settings, or screen mirroring if you have an Xperia


5. If you’re using cast, click the ‘More Settings’ or ‘Start’ if you’re using Xperia’s screen mirroring and you will see a screen listing the available devices, your PC should be listed

6. Just select your PC or any screen you want to project on and the projection will start.

Alternatively, you can also cast your screen via Google Chrome and an extension and because Chrome works on Windows, Linux and Mac it’s a much better solution.



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