Samsung Galaxy S8 To Have Only Curved Screen Variant

Samsung first experimented with a curved display on its smartphones when it launched the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014, and the curved screen became more mainstream in 2015 with the Galaxy S6. Other than a flat screen variant, the South Korean company also offered two curved variants of the flagship device — one had a curved edge only on the right side and the other had curved edges on both right and left.

After the runaway success of its Galaxy S7 Edge variant in 2016, the company ended up launching the Galaxy Note 7 phablet with dual edged curved screen. According to reports, the world’s largest smartphone maker may be considering entirely dropping flat screens from future models of the Galaxy S series, namely the Galaxy S8

The latest tip out of the Korean press is that Samsung’s 2017 flagship will employ a curved display, just like on the S7 edge or the Note 7.  These two differ in the steepness angle of the Dual edge displays, but it will apparently be the same general idea.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard this rumor. Last month, Samsung’s Koh Dong-jin stated that the company has been considering whether or not to use the edge display as a key identifier of the Galaxy S lineup. The fact that Samsung is released its 2016 flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 7, in a dual curved variant only can be seen as a litmus test for the company’s future display plans. The Note 7 doesn’t even have the word “edge” tagged on to its name, another indication of the direction the company may be moving in.


Samsung has allegedly already tasked its display department with producing curved panels both with 5.5″ diagonal, for the eventual S8 edge, and 5.1″ screens for the S8. This could very well mean that there will be no version of the S8 with flat display. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is also rumoured to feature a 4K display so it will be interesting to see how that turns out. Not that Samsung can not manufacture a curved 4K display but considering last year’s short supply of curved Quad HD displays which resulted in a loss of sales, handling the demand for millions of 4K displays could be quite pressuring for Samsung’s display subsidiary.

The extra functionality that comes bundled with the edge screen – which has no functional reason to be a curved screen exclusive by the way – is how Samsung differentiates its user experience and it is touted as one of the possible reasons but to be honest, the sales seem to be the only reason here.

In 2016, Samsung lost out on sales of the curved screen variant of the Galaxy S6 since actual demand for the higher-priced phone exceeded the company’s expectations and its production could not keep up. This year, the S7 and S7 edge brought in the highest sales for Samsung (~14M) closing in on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (~15M) and most of it was the edge variant. It’s quite clear what the consumers want.

The Galaxy S8 is also rumoured to have a dual camera of which one would be Samsung’s own 12MP while the other would be a 13MP module from Sony. It is quite possible that we see the dual cameras and the 4K display on only the bigger model.

Are you one of those that aren’t big fans of the curved display? What do you think Samsung will name the S8 variants now if they both have the edges?

Source : KoreaHerald

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