Samsung plans to ditch Qualcomm for good, wants to use AMD or Nvidia GPUs in 2018 Exynos chipsets

Recently SoftBank announced that they had completed the acquisition of ARM, and it is a big deal because many big names in the mobile industry rely on ARM for their mobile chipsets, and Samsung is one of them. They also rely on ARM for their mobile GPUs, with ARM’s Mali series of GPUs being featured on Samsung’s Exynos chipsets.

That might be about to change however, according to a new “exclusive” report from sammobile, Samsung is in talks with both AMD and Nvidia for GPU tech.


At the moment, it seems that Nvidia could be the preferred winner of the deal with Samsung thanks to its “superior” Pascal architecture, but AMD is still a powerful competitor with its Polaris architecture that is powering the PS4 Pro.

Truth be told, the rumor mill was talking for quite some time about Samsung’s struggle to create its own in-house graphical processing units, i.e. they’re looking for an internally developed GPU to work in tandem with their own Exynos platform. But until now, the respective rumor failed to materialize, despite the fact that some analysts expected it to be rolling with the Galaxy Note 5. Now we’re at Note 7…you do the math.

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According to Android Headlines, there is no official confirmation yet of Samsung’s negotiations with AMD and Nvidia. However, considering that Samsung was reported early this month to be the winner of a manufacturing contract of Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs, it seems probable that the company will go with Nvidia for its future GPUs. It would be easier for Samsung to use these GPUs inside of their Exynos chipsets with a partnership with Nvidia already in place.

In parallel, the Korean company is slowly developing its CDMA modem tech, aiming to start testing support for that mobile network flavor in September 2017. If all goes well, then expect to see only one Galaxy S9 model in early 2018, powered by an Exynos chip – no more Snapdragon version for certain markets. With this move, Samsung will essentially ditch Qualcomm for good in the high-end mobile device space.

Although, nothing is confirmed and as with all the rumours, don’t take anything for granted, however, everything reported does make sense considering Samsung’s efforts of developing more and more parts of its Exynos SoC in house, and it’s push on its home grown Tizen OS. It’s quite clear Samsung wants to be like Apple, and a better version of it, independent on the competition for hardware or software.

Bottom line, it’s almost sure that Samsung is looking to ditch the ARM based Mali GPUs in their Exynos SoCs  by 2018 and to use in the future a technological solution from AMD or Nvidia if the talks are successful. If everything goes well, the 2018 Galaxy S9 may be an Exynos-only deal, i.e. no more QSD for selected markets, but since all we have for now is an unconfirmed rumor, let’s wait and see what happens.

Source : sammobile

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