Google plans to bring the Android nougat statue to Montélimar, France with party

Remember the Android Nougat statue at the Google headquarters? Google has always made Android statues for each version of Android which are named after delicious treats, and keeping at its headquarters in Mountain View. However, according to French website, 01net, the company is planning an official Android Nougat statue as well as a Nougat party in the city of Montélimar.


Montélimar is a small is a small town with a population of just about 35000, an the self styled ‘World Capital of Nougat.’ The French town had asked Google if it would like to promote Android nougat in some sort of a promotional event, Google accepted. It makes sense why they would want their own statue of Android Nougat considering the small town produces more than 4.5 tons of Nougat each and every year and they’ve been making it since the year  1701.

What possible promotion a huge brand like Google could hope for in such a small town? Sounds like a joke right? So thought the French site 01net where it was first reported.

Well, it’s a global civilisation and just as this article, there will be countless many writing about the event and making videos. Although, it is a nice gesture from Google, it’s worth noting that these delicious names used to be codenames rather than something with a promotional purpose until ‘KitKat’ when Google partnered with Nestle. Now Google will be promoting it’s android in the name of the French delicacy and who knows they might get the hang of it by next year.

Naming android after world’s sweetest treats and promoting it in the respective part of the world with such events sounds like an awesome plan. How much such events help build a loyal following? Look o further than Apple.

On a little less exciting and over-informative note, it is reported there will of course be loads of Nougat items, but also bugdroid-green cocktails, as well as a buffet of local organic foods and a slew of activities for kids. Google and Montélimar city council have decided the date to be September 21st when Google will donate the Android nougat statue to the Nougat Capital.

Here’s hoping next year will be something Indian, although to be honest, it will sound very very weird and most people outside the subcontinent, even the Google officials may not be able to pronounce it as they announce it and that can get embarrassing.

Source : 01net 
via : Android Police


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