Use ‘Ok Google’ to control your Youtube app on Android

Google voice commands on android are quite powerful. However, you might not have noticed that you can use them while watching videos on YouTube. Simply say “Ok, Google” and you can send a bunch of commands directly to the app. Google voice commands give you the ability to control YouTube even when you are making food, cleaning house, writing documents etc.

“Pause” – To Pauses the video.
“Play” – To Resumes the video.
“Stop” – To Stops, the video and quits buffering, works exactly like switching to another app and switching back.
“Minimize” – To make the video window size smaller and move at the bottom right.
“Maximize” – To Makes the video full screen.
“Exit”, “Close player” – Closes the video, but leaves YouTube open.
“Play on…”, “Connect to…” – Starts playing the video on another device, choices are “TV”,“Chromecast”, or “Console.” Unfortunately, you can’t seem to be able to say the name of the device (such as a Chromecast’s name).
“Disconnect from…” – The opposite of the last command, stops playing the video on a remote device.
“Skip ads” – Somewhat self-explanatory.

Most of the times, you would find tapping on the screen much more easier, practical and faster than using these commands. However, these commands are very useful especially when you are driving and any other possible scenario where your hands are busy.

These commands were silently added into the Google app sometime in 2016 before August, because that’s when AndroidPolice first reported it. They’re not sure either.

Here’s a list of all the Google voice commands in general. If you know any more commands don’t shy away and leave them in the comment section below.


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