(Update : Samsung has refuted the claims) Samsung will be deactivating your Galaxy Note 7 remotely after September

Update : Samsung has since refuted these claims, making it clear it won’t take any action against customers who decide they do not want to return their Galaxy Note 7 for a new model. Ina statement given to Android Central the company states the following :

 “The firm’s official line is that this isn’t happening. We’ve reached out to Samsung and been told that this is not something the company has stated, and that all official guidance will be published on its website.”

So if you already have a Galaxy Note 7 and you’re not worried about the battery problem, you’re free to continue using your existing device; no one is going to stop you. It would’ve been a sure-fire way of stopping incidents like the one mentioned in the original post though.  However, it seems like getting it replaced is a wise decision because Samsung isn’t refuting claims of the devices exploding.

Original : Samsung has already issued the recall order for all Galaxy Note 7 devices that have already been shipped from its warehouses, but the process of replacing all these potentially faulty units will take a few weeks. Moreover many users are just not ready to give it up for some reasons.  A new report suggests that Samsung will be deactivating all Galaxy Note 7 handsets that need to be exchanged after September 30th.


According to Reddit user LimboJr, he was told by a Samsung rep that every recalled phone will be remotely deactivated after the end of September. This means that customers who bought the Galaxy Note 7 won’t have other choice than to follow the procedure Samsung has put in place in countries where its phablet is available for purchase.

While some customers may not be happy about this, I honestly think this is a great way to handle the situation. By sending a new unit ahead of time and deactivating the old one if the customer doesn’t return it, Samsung ensures that those devices don’t cause any harm.

I hope all the users take this seriously and exchange their devices soon. There are over 2.5 million of them who purchased the device when it was launched back in August. So definitely this is going to take some time until all the devices are back. Samsung will be replacing these recalled devices with the new ones which don’t have the faulty batteries from Samsung SDI.


Reports of Galaxy Note 7 exploding are increasing every day and there’s a new one in New York where a Note 7 exploded on a 6 year old kid watching videos. This after Samsung has issued warnings and asked users to switch off their devices until they can return them. Of course it was Samsung’s fault in the first place, but some users seem to think its not going to happen to them and I still see people on online forums asking how their Note 7 battery back up is, posting screenshots. Please return your Note 7 as soon as possible, and switch it off until you can.

source: Reddit

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