5 Interesting apps you should know about

There will always be apps on a popular platform from smaller developers that are relatively unknown but quite useful for certain people. If only someone could match those apps to their target demographic. Well, I’m going to try the matchmaker here, yet again.

1. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

If you are waiting to go on a long drive on your bike and thinking of tracking how fast you go, then Strava Cycling becomes the must -have android app in your phone. Strava helps you in tracking the rides through GPS, join challenges and also helps in analyzing performance. It measures how quickly you ride to reach the destination. Every innovation comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. So, is this app. The main drawback of this android app is that once you start using it, your battery drains up in no time. Therefore, use it only when required. Based on how long you need to make your journey, this android app provides a clear map with routes against the pre-determined segments. This will range anywhere between 1/2 mile & 150 miles. The faster you try to finish a segment, higher you climb up on the leaderboard against other users. You will not even realize when you have completed your segments but yes, you will see a nice boost and find a trophy next to your name. Don’t forget to stop for the lights anyway.


2. Light Flow

Light Flow LED and Notifications4.jpg

This android app is best suited for android devices that come with RGB notification lights like Sony Xperia Z or Nexus 4. It offers you many options of customizing different app notifications. You can have custom colors for missed call alerts, calendar reminders, new text messages and emails.  Apart from changing the notification light colors, one canalso modify the duration and frequency. You can set priority for the notifications. So when your battery is about to die, the app only allows the notifications that are set top priority by you. Some of the features are restricted on the free version but you can make the app more versatile by purchasing the paid version.


3. Quick Dictionary


If you are an avid reader and use multiple news or ebook apps on your smartphone, you know how difficult it is sometimes to jump to and fro from the dictionary to know word meanings. Word Snitch solves this by pulling up the meaning of the word right above your current app. Simply select and copy the word which will prompt word snitch to operate, show you the meaning, and save the word for later reference. Even Harry Potter wishes he had the Word Snitch (sorry that was lame).




Comparison between things has ever been easier. Versus helps you compare 2 or more things in almost any category. The list of categories is growing by the day, enabling you to take informed decisions ranging from which phone to buy or the city to travel to. Just enter your needs and watch versus take care of the rest.


5. Run Pee


If you’re of the micro-bladder persuasion you probably find yourself struggling to get through a film without missing chunks of narrative every time you need to hit the restroom. But what if there were an app that could tell you the best times for a pee break when you wouldn’t really miss anything important happening on-screen? Well, there is. Run Pee can alert you with a timer at the most opportune toilet break moments and provide you with a brief synopsis of what you’re missing while you’re out of the theater. You’ll get pee break durations, recommended pee breaks and breakdowns of why a particular pee break is a good or bad choice. Welcome to the future, my friends.


If you were convinced enough to try any of these apps, check out 5 more such interesting apps here.



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