Nexus launcher is now Pixel Launcher : Download it here

Awhile ago there was a lot of fuzz about a redesigned Google launcher for Android Nougat which then turned out to be a specialized version just for the new Nexus devices, the Nexus launcher. Then a few Nexus wallpapers leaked, we also had a tutorial for you to get the Nexus Launcher feel with Nova Launcher, we had the new Nexus ringtones and notification sounds for you, Action Launcher came out replicating the Nexus look.

And now, we find out that the Nexus Launcher has become Pixel Launcher which makes sense since the Nexus phones have become Pixel phones.


Although, apart from the name, there’s only the calendar icon which is now dynamic, which means it changes each day. Nothing much has changed. It’s the same swipe up for app drawer, same Google pill and date widget, tap and hold for options, etc. Only the name has changed so if you have the Nexus Launcher already, there’s nothing but the name that will be changed and its not something you will notice a lot.


The news comes from  LlabTooFeR who tweeted out some screenshots of the launcher. The Pixel Launcher installs over the nexus Launcher so it’s probably some update with maybe some under the hood changes as well that are not so obvious. There are some basic settings.


You can grab a Zip below with more individual files, it contains both the launcher and the wallpaper picker.

If you don’t want a zip, for whatever reasons, you can also get the apk packages below and install them manually. To install it, simply download the APK from the link below. Then go into Settings > Security and make sure that “Unknown Sources” is selected. Afterwards, just select the file you downloaded and it should begin to side-load the launcher onto your smartphone.  If you want the Google Now launcher pane to work, you’ll have to install the launcher APK to /system (mount the /system partition r/w and copy, or wait for a flashable zip). If you’ve already previously done this to the Nexus Launcher, then all you need to do now is install the Pixel Launcher APK as an update – no need to mess with /system again.


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