Samsung to launch apology ad, plans to temporarily fix Galaxy Note 7 problems via OTA

Reports say Samsung plans to issue a software update for its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that will prevent them from overheating by limiting battery recharges to under 60 percent.

Yonhap News and other South Korean media reported Tuesday, citing Samsung Electronics, that the company will issue a software update for any users of the Galaxy Note 7 who may be disregarding its recall notice and continuing to use the smartphone.

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologize for causing inconvenience,” the company said but it’s not clear if and when the update will be rolled out in other markets.

This measure is meant for users who fail to return their devices for the recall. New devices with safe batteries won’t have this limitation. Shipments of replacements for the affected Note 7 units will begin from September 19. Samsung Electronics also said it will launch media advertisements to apologise for the “discomfort and concern” caused due to the ongoing global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Yonhap news agency reported.

Everyday articles are being written about the Galaxy Note 7’s problems and its doing rounds in the news, social media is full of memes making fun of the Note 7’s explosive nature. All this bad publicity has caused Samsung’s valuation to fall down by a staggering $14 billion in a short span of time but more than the worries of investors, is Samsung’s falling image in the eyes of the consumers and as the largest Smartphone maker in the world, Samsung has quite a fan following.

The world’s largest smartphone maker said it will soon run an advertisement in major media outlets to offer an apology for causing discomfort and concern to its customers due to faulty batteries in some Note 7 smartphones.

“We apologise for causing discomfort and concern to our customers. All Samsung employees will do our best to resolve problems,” Samsung plans to say in its upcoming ad, according to company officials. With the OTA update, users of the Galaxy Note 7 will be prevented from fully charging their devices. The measure is meant to prevent battery overheating and enhance consumer safety, said the officials.

In a separate measure to promote the replacement programme, Samsung said it will consider paying a communication expense subsidy to customers choosing to exchange their Note 7 devices instead of demanding a refund.

In another related news, the folks over at Android Authority seem to have done some reasearch about the “leaked” IMEI checker that xda developers reported about first. It has since been doing rounds on every major website including Android Authority but not us. Because we knew the following from the start of course (not really) as now they report that the IMEI checker is not reliable and it is not the official IMEI checker Samsung promised to release since users with an S7 Edge even are told to return their phones when it’s supposed to work only for Note 7 IMEI numbers. Furthermore, users with faulty devices have been told their Note 7 is fine.

There were reports earlier that Samsung will be remotely deactivating the unsafe Note 7 units but Samsung has denied the claims. However Samsung has not yet commented on this leaked IMEI checker. Samsung is also turning to Apple’s supplier for the new Note 7 batteries.

Check out the full post at Android Authority from the sourcelink below and be safe.Samsung wouldn’t take a loss of over a billion dollars if they weren’t sure they must. So far there have been about 70 overheating cases in the US alone.  Don’t trust any such “leaked” sources and even if you’re fully confident that your Galaxy Note 7 is fine, get it replaced for your safety and for others around you.

Source : TheNewsTributne, Android Authority

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