(Update : @MSAU officially confirms what we have suspected) Microsoft Australia supposedly confirms the Surface Phone! But we think not

Update : We contacted Microsoft Australia regarding this supposed accidental tweet and they have denied the tweet was from them and may have been edited. Analysing the situation closely however, as a conspiracy theorist, it may even be possible that the earlier report was true, and of course Microsoft Australia would want to cover it’s tracks. It seems very unlikely, however, we like to consider all possibilities.  We’ll let you decide for yourselves. In any case, it’s nice to see


Although one may wonder, what are the odds this could be an edited image as well, we can assure you it is “One Hundred Percent” authentic.

Original : Rumours of a Surface Phone have intensified recently when while subsequently scheduling a Surface event in October, Microsoft’s own Director of Engineering, Laura Butler, directly mentioned the Surface Phone on Twitter – but deleted her tweets later. You probably heard that the Lumia brand is being phased out by Microsoft in an attempt that’s believed to allow the firm to switch the focus to the Surface Phone, but in reality, the company has never confirmed that such a model was under development.

Now, MSMobile is showing an image that purportedly shows Microsoft Australia accidentally tweeting a promotional image of a new member to the Surface family – a mobile-looking device. “Thanks to Simon” the site says at the bottom which means the image was provided by some random one.


There are several sketchy details about this report and the screenshot that’s supposed to confirm its legitimacy makes us wonder whether that was indeed a tweet from Microsoft or not.

We’re unable to verify the legitimacy of the image, however, it does look fairly legitimate at face-value – using Microsoft’s branding as well as high-quality imagery embedded in the tweet. Looking at it a little more, though, leaves us wondering, as the headline text says: “New One in Surface family!,” The text should actually read “New one in Surface family!” unless “One” is the name of the phone.

It would seem unlikely for Microsoft to tweet a promotional image with a headline such as that, as it includes incorrect capitalisation and doesn’t make much sense on its own. Another issue is, the image doesn’t show in the recent Photos sidebar on the profile, nor do we believe Microsoft would use the text “Soon! :)” as the main tweet. Why?

If you’ve been part of the Windows Phone community for more than a week, you probably know that the term “soon” is one of the most frustrating words that Microsoft has ever used in relation to new product launches in mobile, so it’s hard to believe that the firm would use it in a public tweet given the criticism.

Furthermore, Microsoft has used the Windows 10 logo in the bottom right corner for all it’s promotional ads for a while now and this image doesn’t include one. While this article was being written, MSmobile has updated theirs, here’s a translated screenshot :


Nonetheless, take this image with a fine pinch of salt and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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